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so I have a Gaster ask blog, should I upload stuff from that here?
here's a link to the blog: puppetofthevoid.tumblr.…
comment what you think below
I'm gonna have Gaster finished soon then either redraw Alphys or do Papyrus
So, i'm going away today till next Sunday camping, i'm gonna have no computer or phones so i wont be uploading anything this week

but after i get back ill start work Alphys and Gaster right away!
So i got nibs now, but i'm going away Sunday for a week so Alphys and Gaster are being put off so i can give them the time they deserve
 (also i need to redo Alphys and i might redo Gaster as well oH BOY)
anyway i'm probably gonna just do some small things till Sunday like my Garnet,
if anyone has any requests for something of that quality i'd be happy to oblige and draw it for you for the low low price of FREE
Comment below if you want anything
I forgot to check if i had any nibs left and made the horrible assumption i did.
i do not ANNNNNDDDD i need a new one now
so Alphys and Gaster are being pushed back again GREAT
seriously sorry its taking me so long to do these, i would do them traditionally like some of my other stuff and upload them but i dont have a scanner nor a good camera
so again sorry